During the dark days of quarantine, we (Taylor & Quinn) decided that we wanted to do something with all of our artwork, rather than let it sit on an iPad where it usually went to die.

So Rare Kin was born.
Graphic apparel that was for everyone.

Minimalist, thoughtfully designed, and had a purpose.
We are supporting a few charities with a donation of $2.00 for every garment sold.

All artwork is hand-drawn by yours truly, Taylor & Quinn and printed by us. We are looking forward to creating a rare and honest brand with you!

What does Rare Kin mean?

We get asked this a lot. But it was created in hopes that it would make you think of your people and the things that make you tick.

Who or what is your kin, and what makes it rare?

For us, it is our family, friends, animals and community built around us, coming from a farming community and background, which evolved into athletics, education and building new relationships along the way.